Glass Buildings

Our systems deliver world-leading efficiency by maximising the use of locally produced solar PV and other renewable energy sources.


Solar PV and other forms of renewable energy including heat pumps and hydroelectric power, all generate electricity in DC output.  Current practice using an inverter to convert this power to AC current for immediate use, storage or export back to the grid is wasteful – losing up to 5% of the electricity every time there is a conversion between DC and AC. In turn, this costs money and delivers a lower return on investment.

Through our patented technology, all our battery-based systems can utilise DC power directly for DC loads at sources such as heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, water heating, and water pumping – eliminating power conversation losses and delivering a better return on investment.

Yet that’s not all. The most efficient and effective way of using solar PV or other forms of renewable energy is to use the energy locally as much as possible for local power consumption, reducing reliance on grid electricity – whether this is for AC or DC loads.  Our smart control system seamlessly switches between DC and AC output to use renewable power at source – providing the lowest possible cost form of electricity.

Alternatively, as a hybrid system – with a grid connection there is also no interruption in electricity supply or consumption.  As the system automatically selects the lowest cost form of electricity available at the time.

When battery storage is added, our system is able to automatically store electricity generated by solar PV (or power from other renewable sources of electricity) in the batteries for immediate or later use.  Thereby significantly reducing costs and reliance on the grid, with an always-on and reliable source of power. 

As added benefit, all our systems are scalable and modular, and this enables Entrust Microgrid to provide systems for domestic use or support larger solar panel arrays, for commercial use, without additional grid costs – delivering even greater value and return on investment.

As such, Entrust Microgrid is the smart choice for both domestic customers and commercial operators, looking to reduce energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and live more sustainably.


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