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Consumers are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs as well as their overall impact on the environment. Many homes and businesses are responding to these challenges by installing solar PV systems to generate lower cost, renewable and sustainable electricity as added energy security. However, the current practice of generating solar PV power and exporting it to the grid for a low tariff income, circa 5.5p/kWh, provides very limited benefits and delivers only marginal rates of return of between 12 and 20 years.

We have developed a range of highly innovative smart microgrid systems, for both domestic and commercial applications, to supply embedded solar PV energy at maximum efficiency, for both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in batteries for use later on, to significantly cut energy costs and reliance on the grid.

In addition to our systems (complete solution), we can provide products for users who simply need to adapt or retro-fit smart products into their existing power system. Typically, our products include;

  • Solar PV panels

  • A Power Control System (our EnSmart PCS) to suit a variety of power outputs

  • A Battery Storage solution (our EnSmartESS) in either Pb-C or Li-Ion batteries to suit a variety of power outputs

  • A smart controller (EnSmart CTR) which enables remote control from Smartphones etc (used with our Cloud based software)

  • EV Charging posts with AC and DC charging (bolt-on offering if required)

  • A bespoke consultancy service including a feasibility study and engineering design – for larger and ‘turn-key’ projects


With the added advantage of being able to use cheap rate, overnight electricity to charge the batteries for later use, our technology delivers always on, round the clock low cost and low carbon electricity at maximum efficiency.  With world leading returns on investment of between four and seven years 

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