EnSmart Build HVB

EnSmart Build HVB (Larger System)


Best for:

  • Private sector: such as retail, supermarkets, distribution centres, EV charge point operators

  • Public sector: such as healthcare providers, local authority government

  • Industry: such as mining, manufacturing, waste management, processing





EnSmartBuild HVB uses smart technology to supply solar PV power at the highest possible power efficiency, for both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in either lead-carbon or lithium-ion batteries, of between 50kWh and 1mWh, for use later on.


As such, EnSmartBuild   HVB   is a highly innovative, world-leading solution   for buildings, providing commercial customers access to more solar PV power at low grid connection capacity, with up to 100% self-consumption enabling users to benefit from low-cost renewable, around the clock electricity, to meet their demands.  Return on investment is less than 7 years.


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