Smart Home

Entrust Smart Microgrid is truly an innovative smart home system – combining the world’s most energy efficient solution with smartphone input and control.


From anywhere with mobile or internet connectivity, Entrust Smart Microgrid allows users to fully control their hot water, heating, air conditioning and Electric Vehicle charging.


Up to 70% of all energy consumption in the home is used for heating and hot water.  Add to this the growing demand for home Electric Vehicle charging and the business case is clear


With Entrust’s Smart Microgrid patented DC-to-DC solution, that gives up to 98.6% efficiency - homeowners are able to maximize the electricity generated by their Solar PV panels for their own use.  This drastically reduces energy demand from the grid and significantly cuts electricity bills.


In addition, as Entrust Smart Microgrid can support a Solar PV installation of up to 10KW via a standard, single-phase grid connection, our patented technology costs significantly less to install.   Making it the smart choice for homeowners, housing developers and housing providers alike.


Being flexible and saleable, Entrust Smart Microgrid can be delivered as a whole smart home, system solution or can be used for specific household needs such as hot water or heating only.


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