EnSmartHome LVB 

EnSmartHome LVB (smaller system)


Best for:

  • Homeowners,

  • Domestic property developers or construction companies,

  • Housing Associations and Social Landlords – looking to address the issue of “fuel poverty” and

  • Private landlords looking to cut costs and boost yields



  • EnSmartHome LVB uses smart technology to supply solar PV power at the highest possible power efficiency, for both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in lithium-ion batteries, of between 5kWh and 20kWh, for use later on. This enables supply to match demand, providing access to a clean, reliable source of renewable electricity. 

  • With the ability to support larger solar arrays at no extra grid connection cost, EnSmart Build LVB delivers return on investment within 7 years.


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