Powering vehicles direct from the sun, Entrust Smart EV Charger (EnsmartEV) will become the number one solution for electric vehicle charging.


Using Solar PV, EnSmartEV patented smart microgrid technology allows for a 6.4kW DC charging point to be installed at home or the office.


With EnSmartEV not only is the vehicle practically cost-free to charge – it also allows for traditional single-phase grid connections to be used.  So low cost and hassle-free charging point installation is made easy.


With added battery storage, EnSmartEV enables Electric Vehicles to be charged taking advantage of both Solar PV power and off-peak grid electricity. With minimum or even zero draw down from the national grid during the peak hours, this keeps charging costs low and helps balance out electricity demand across the grid.


With the potential to ramp up output to 50kW rapid charging EnSmartEV also has commercial charging applications such as EV charging stations in public car parks.


And like all Entrust Mircogrid’s products, EnSmartEV can all be controlled from a smart phone app – truly putting the customer in charge!

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