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Entrust Microgrid, formed in 2016, specialise in the design and sale of smart microgrid systems that not only reduce energy consumption from the grid, but maximise benefits from embedded solar PV energy.


Entrust Microgrid is a smart, innovative power system, with all the benefits of renewable energy and energy storage, providing high power efficiency for home and business alike, cutting grid connection costs, saving money and providing truly scalable low carbon energy solutions.


Our world leading patented technology can be adapted to suit multiple applications including:

Housing and the built environment, education providers, healthcare providers, the retail sector, local government, waste management and recycling sector, and EV charging, to name but a few.


The company is at the leading edge in the provision of smart renewable energy based mini-grid and microgrid solutions for both the domestic and commercial markets.


With over £3m of investment, our patented, innovative, smart energy and power system solutions, operate at the highest possible efficiency, maximising use of on-site renewable power generation, such as solar PV, significantly cutting energy costs and reducing reliance on the grid.


In addition to our UK headquarters at Lancaster University, Entrust Microgrid has a highly talented engineering and technology development team in China, and is also developing new R&D laboratory and workshop in the UK. 


Later this year, we will showcase our innovative Entrust Smart EV Charging System for public applications technology in three UK locations, as part of a £2.5m Innovate UK funded project, to use our Entrust Smart Microgrid Technology to support combined battery storage and EV charging as a way of reducing operating costs and balancing power demands on the grid.


Please follow all our developments on our ‘News’ page which showcases all our projects and activities.

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