Highest efficiency, lowest cost and most reliable renewable electricity in an instant!

Entrust Microgrid are leaders in solar, battery storage and renewable energy systems.  With innovative, patented and world-beating technology that maximises efficiency and return on investment for both domestic and larger scale commercial energy applications.


Entrust Microgrid - technology you can trust!


EnSmartHome LVB
- Smaller System

For both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in lithium-ion batteries, of between 5kWh and 20kWh, for use later on.

EnSmart Build HVB
- Larger System

For both direct use at source, and indirectly through storage in either lead-carbon or lithium-ion batteries, of between 50kWh and 1mWh, for use later on.

EnSmart Build ESS

Entrust Microgrid can provide a range of battery products to suitable different requirements. We offer batteries and BMS in either Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lead Carbon Pb-C and in many configurations.

Electric Vehicle Charging 

EV Charging posts with AC and DC charging (bolt-on offering if required)

Entrust Smart Microgrid is truly an innovative smart home system – combining the world’s most energy efficient solution with smartphone input and control.

at up to 98.6% energy efficiency direct from commercial Solar PV or renewable energy generation, Entrust Smart Microgrid is the smart energy solution of choice for commercial developers and operators.

From anywhere with mobile or internet connectivity, Entrust Smart Microgrid allows users to fully control their hot water, heating, air conditioning and Electric Vehicle charging.

Our innovative, low cost yet high impact solutions are the smart way and indeed the only way to deliver the energy needs of tomorrow… today!



In order to meet the growing demands of the business, we now have an immediate opening for an Electrical and Power Systems Engineer to support our expanding team at this exciting time! 

Electrical and Power Systems Engineer Job Description


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